English: Yama, mid-17th–early 18th century, Ti...

English: Yama, mid-17th–early 18th century, Tibet 中文: 閻魔, 17世紀中葉至18世紀, 西藏 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I think that I’m miserable. I feel that I’m always being isolated, every time when I sit alone, I can’t hold my tears running out from my eyes. Even though I tried to tell myself that is OK to be alone, I actually mind that no one is on my side… I also tried to talk to other people and expand my interpersonal network; at the same time, I always want to rich my experience and extensive my knowledge by exploring different places around the country, or even by traveling around the world, but my background has made everything I desired being impossible.

Of course, no one wants to be isolated. But do you have the right not be isolated? No. Because you were born and raised in a mean and low family, can you choose it? No way. No one told you to be born in a cheap family, you can’t change it, you belong to that family, that’s the fact and you can never change it! Everyone looks down upon you and the family that you belong to, even your relatives are looking down upon yourself, you are just ooze under their feet! If you have no skills, you are decreed by fate that you are ooze.

You don’t want to be ooze and to have a good social status? Yes, of course you can do it. You may do it when you go to the Heaven, you may tell the God that you don’t want to be poor on your next life, then the God may consider to let you to be born in a rich family with good social status. No way you can change for now, accept misfortunes as decreed by fate, Victor Lei!

Hades with Cerberus (Heraklion Archaeological ...

Hades with Cerberus (Heraklion Archaeological Museum) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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